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One of the main reasons why real estate agents join the industry is because they yearn for a more flexible schedule that gives them the freedom to prioritise their family or personal goals. If you hate being tied down to a desk from nine to six and enjoy meeting and serving people, then a real estate career might be an ideal fit for you. You get to control your day-to-day schedule and plan your time according to whatever is most important to you.
During holidays or busy periods, you can also call on your partner or team mates to assist you with viewings. If you are not the morning kind of person, you can also choose to work a little later each day and it's alright as long as your tasks are productive and completed!
A real estate career rewards you on your effectiveness and not on your hours clocked. I have seen how even part-timers who dedicate 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, do much better than some full-time agents.

When the market is booming and people are queuing up to buy properties, real estate feels like the most wonderful job ever. Nope, there are no basic monthly salaries but real estate agents can make a monthly income that even surpasses the annual salary of their working peers. There is a possibility that each commission you get from a successful deal surpasses the monthly income of an average desk bound job in Singapore.

This “No ceiling in income” factor is the reason why some real estate agents get to live in beautiful houses, drive luxurious continental cars and afford the material luxuries in life.
This is your opportunity to showcase your expertise - Using your knowledge and expertise to help your clients find their dream homes and investments.

Best Practices to follow
Being a Successful Agent

You get to be part of your clients’ major chapters of their lives and you will receive great satisfaction from helping them find the perfect home, selling their property at a great price and/or fulfilling their investment objectives.

Through this process, you learn to be a valued adviser to the people around you and are able to see through the market hype, and employ many creative financing and property holding strategies to help them save on taxes, expenses and make the best investment decisions.

Being a real estate agent means you may have to deliver services beyond that of marketing, selling and purchasing a property.
Apart from executing real estate tasks, you may have to be your clients’ adviser on mortgage and stamp duties related topics as well as they might trust you more than their banker or have no one to turn to for trustworthy advice.
Hence, your role as an agent expands to more than advising clients on timeline planning, processes of a transaction and into a more holistic end to end advice and solutions provider.

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